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Samuel L. Jackson performs a slam poem about Boy Meets World


things I wish I would have said but didn’t…

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On this day, 15 years ago, Season 6 Episode 17 "Resurrection" aired.

February 19, 1999


Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!


Angela ‘Sheneneh’ Moore put up with so much on this show

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Congrats to the cast and crew of GMW on the full season pick up! 

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I have such a weakness for characters who use snark and humor to cover up the fact that they feel like huge fuck ups but they’re actually heroes with hearts of gold and smart as all hell

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Shawn Hunter + the hair thing

"Rider’s big thing was that he didn’t like his hair falling in his eyes so I mean, you know, you see it all the time, he’s running his fingers through his hair. I don’t think he knew he was driving every girl in America wild." - Danielle Fishel

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favorite character tropes: Shawn Hunter

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