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Ron Weasley gives free ice cream to kids. Harry Potter talks about the importance of feminism and gay rights. Hermione Granger is a UN Goodwill Ambassador for Women.

The heroes of my childhood became the heroes of my adulthood.

Happy 35th birthday to Hermione Jean Granger, the brightest witch of her age!

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Last post for Harry Potter day!  We were so happy to welcome our good friend Sean Lanusse from Blacklist Tattoo as a guest artist.  Sean loves Harry Potter as much as we do and we can’t wait to welcome him back for more walk-in days!!  

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The next gen kids + social media part 1

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You know, when I was a kid, I remember being really stirred by the fact that Hermione Granger did actually end up having a date to the Yule Ball and that it was Viktor Krum.  There was something really powerful about a hyperlogical, bookish girl, who was believed to be incapable of getting a date on her own, landing a famous guy who respects and cherishes her just by being herself.

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so i have this headcanon where draco can’t figure out how to approach hermione so he takes to leaving notes containing backhanded compliments between the pages of obscure library books and she can’t for the life of her figure out what to make of ‘you’re alright for a muggleborn’ or ‘your hair makes it look like you had a run in with the whomping willow but i like it that way’ but she just kind of smiles and keeps the folded slips of parchment and as time goes by the notes get sweeter and she grows more curious about who’s sending them and then she catches draco lurking suspiciously in a section holding a book about house elves coincidentally the same one she mentioned she was looking for before a potions lesson and starts to connect the dots and soon she’s leaving notes back like ‘i think i like you better as a human than a ferret’ and wow i just really want them to be awkward and adorable and find neutral ground between bookshelves where they can leave behind house rivalries and blood prejudice and just be two kids trying to get along


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I often think about how the war could have affected all of the characters, like

  • Hermione keeping a nightlight next to her bed at night because the war has caused her to fear darkness and what lurks in the shadows.
  • Narcissa clutching Lucius to her chest as he jerks awake after another dream about Azkaban.
  • Draco tossing and turning restlessly in bed as he has vivid nightmares regarding his time spent serving the Dark Lord.
  • Ginny sorting through her belongings as she prepares to move out of the Burrow and stumbles across an old present from Fred before breaking down and muffling her sobs with her pillow so her mum won’t hear and grow worried.
  • Andromeda waking up in the middle of the night to murmur a reminder to Ted about what they have to do come morning before remembering that both her husband and daughter have long since passed.
  • Harry growing paranoid that his scar will start burning and aching again, despite the fact that he knows full well Voldemort is dead, so he finds that on certain days, he has to pull himself away from the rest of society and hide away with his thoughts.
  • Ron faltering in Auror training because every time he raises his wand, all he can remember are the faces and bodies of the dead family and friends he tripped over as he stumbled through the battleground back in May of 1998.
  • Narcissa visiting her sister’s grave in secret and feeling waves of agony and anxiety wash over her every time she reads the freshly-engraved letters that spell out “Bellatrix Lestrange (nee Black).”
  • Neville spending days in a quiet hospital room murmuring to his parents all about coming into his own brand of bravery and his struggles during his final year at Hogwarts and realizing full well that they’ll never truly hear him.
  • Luna avoiding basements at all costs, as they remind her of her imprisonment, and making sure to keep her wand tucked underneath her pillow at all times…just in case another ambush takes her by surprise.
  • George battling with the ever-present reminder that everywhere he looks, all he sees is Fred.

The list is never-ending and, quite obviously, fluctuates depending on how you view it, but…damn. I think about it a lot.

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Emma Watson arrives for a dinner to celebrate the work of The Royal Marsden hosted by the Duke of Cambridge at Windsor Castle on May 13, 2014 in Windsor, England.


Emma Watson arrives for a dinner to celebrate the work of The Royal Marsden hosted by the Duke of Cambridge at Windsor Castle on May 13, 2014 in Windsor, England.

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