Jar of Thoughts

"What are you doing?"
"Smelling you."
"You smell like coffee."

Kate smelled of cherries, of gunpowder, of the afternoon summer heat in Central Park. 

Castle smelled of ground coffee, of pencil shavings, of the stale musty air in a downtown comic book shop. 

Together: they smelled of storm clouds over New York, of passion mingling with lighting strikes and thunder claps, of rusty childhood swing sets. 

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"I love New York on summer afternoons when everyone’s away. There’s something very sensuous about it - overripe, as if all sorts of funny fruits were going to fall into your hands."


"I love New York on summer afternoons when everyone’s away. There’s something very sensuous about it - overripe, as if all sorts of funny fruits were going to fall into your hands."

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These guys can DANCE! 

@dylanobrien “@Mets: Fans of @dylanobrien, we hear you… #dylanfirstpitch. Dylan, DM us, let’s talk. #LGM #powerortwitter” uhhhh holy WHAT?! [x]

@Mets: .@dylanobrien we’d love to have you come visit #CitiField to throw out a 1st pitch. You have some loyal and passionate fans #DylanFirstPitch [x]

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Uptown Girls, 2003

"Do you know what etage your daughter’s at in ballet, Mrs. Schleine? Or that she was banned from her science class for stealing a formaldehyde pig so she could give it a proper burial in Central Park? And the tea set you got her, it’s… exquisite and beautiful, but do you know how she likes to have her tea? How many lumps? One lump, two? Cream, sugar? (…) You’re right. You don’t know what goes on between me and Ray. 
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Track Title: Why Should I Worry

Artist: Billy Joel

Album: Oliver and Company Soundtrack


One of the best underrated Disney songs.

Cronuts. Are. Awesome.


If you’re wondering: Croissant + doughnut. Delicousness. We now return to Castle, in progress.

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Photographs by Thom Sheridan

In 1986, the United Way attempted to break the world record for balloon launches, by releasing 1.5 million balloons, which resulted in two deaths, millions in lawsuits, and a devastating environmental impact.

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OUT April 2014 : 10 Things We Learned from Neil Patrick Harris

1. On performing in drag

“Hedwig is bringing up a lot of super insecure things within me,” concedes Harris. “I have never thought drag was intoxicating, I’ve never had a fun drunken Halloween in drag, never been in heels, really. I’ve lived my whole life being attracted by masculinity — it’s why I like guys. I’m not a super effete person, and I have to turn into that, and in doing so it brings up a lot of homophobic insecurities within myself.”

2. On risks he’s willing to take while on stage

"I’m looking forward to squatting down in front of the first row and having people spit in my mouth. It’s that kind of show. I’m anxious, one night, to fall backwards and be led on my back by people with their hands outstretched.” Harris pauses. “I don’t think that will ever happen, but that’s the vibe I’m looking for — that’s the vibe I have to embrace. I don’t fucking care — you gotta go to a nasty place.”

3. On why women still love him

“I’ve found that a lot of girls have no issue with me being gay,” he says with a laugh. “They still want to marry me. And I love that.”

4. On how he’s similar to his son Gideon

Lately he has caught his reflection in his 3-year-old son, Gideon. “He asks ‘Why?’ now, for everything,” Harris says. “We’re very similar. It seems he wants to break things down and figure them out. We both have kind of the furrowed brow — we want to get to the core of things.”

5. On sex scenes in David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s thriller Gone Girl.

“We had to rehearse the sex scene with David, like every inch of it — ‘Then you put your mouth on his dick here, and then this number of thrusts, and then you ejaculate,’ ” recalls Harris. “It was weird because we’re technically breaking down the sex scene… And yet, through all of that, the whole ‘I’m gay’ element was never even thought about.”

6. On the special properties of pineapple juice

“It makes me feel tropical,” he says, pausing, “and it makes my semen taste delicious.”

7. On his greatest fear

Haunted houses, skydiving, bungee jumping, tightrope-walking, trapeze-swinging, riding the rollercoaster, you name it — so long as it doesn’t involve a ball (a celebrity basketball match is his greatest fear), he’ll do it.

8. On feeling awkward as the center of attention

“Do you know the feeling when a birthday cake is in front of you and everyone is singing ‘Happy Birthday’?” he asks. “There’s that weird, uncomfortable thing, of I’m not sure how I’m supposed to react. Am I supposed to look at every person or look at the cake? I want it to be over with — it’s that feeling that all the attention is on you, and they are waiting to see what your reaction is.”

9. On who he was before and after coming out

“I was equally horned up as Barney pre– and post–coming out.”

10. On how Hedwig may jump-start a new phase in his life

"I won’t ever be able to play someone like Barney again because he’s so unique, but we had over 200 episodes,” he says. “And my exclusivity deal is done with Fox.” He waits another beat, and smiles. “So finally I’ll be able to do more porn.”


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