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Natalie Goodman.  Diana’s daughter.  Sixteen and trying to be perfect.  It’s not going well.

Natalie Goodman.  Diana’s daughter.  Sixteen and trying to be perfect.  It’s not going well.

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Chris McCarrell(currently Joly/u/s for Marius in Les Misèrables on Broadway) as Gabe Goodman in “I’m Alive” [x]


top eight next to normal quotes (as voted on by my followers)

six → Most people who think they’re happy are really just stupid.

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When I first saw the Next to Normal performance on the Tony’s, I thought the plot was that a housewife was sleeping with her next door neighbor’s hot son.


I didn’t think the actual plot for it could be any darker.

but it was

But you know, even though I knew what the show was about, it was such an interesting choice. Why is Gabe so sexualized towards his mom? Does it talk about a sort of Oedipus complex? Or does it represent Diana?
Diana holds onto Gabe as being alive like an obsession. He has been growing with her all this time. She has seen him since he was a baby and until now in her head and this is the only what the has has been able to show affection to her. She doesn’t know maternal love. She finally starts to discover that with Natalie, but only towards the end of the show. The only type of love she does know is romantic and sexual since she had that with Dan before her mental illness took over. She relies on what she knows and that is her visions of him are so sexual. He is a partner in a crime, PARTNER being first and foremost. Why have sex with your husband when your dead child is keeping you better company?

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Track Title: Prelude

Artist: Next to Normal - 1st Broadway preview

Album: 2009.03.27 | Broadway | lucenellapiazza's master | First Preview


Prelude - First Broadway preview of Next to Normal - March 27, 2009

"Our first preview was a little bit crazy. All our best fans were there, it turned out, many who had seen it at Arena, others who could only read about it there, and had been waiting since Second Stage to see it again. When the big blackout hit at the top of the show, screams and whoops filled the house. Tom [Kitt] and I looked at each other: What the hell? At intermission Michael Greif leaned over to us: ‘Just so you know, it’s not always like this. This is special.’" - Brian Yorkey [ x ]

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"I once wrote in a love note - to a girl, which tells you how long ago it was - to a girl named Beth in eighth grade, “You’re the only thing in this whole world that doesn’t hurt.” And that found its way into Henry’s lyric because Henry is very much, I think, in the mind of a lovelorn eighth grader."
— Brian Yorkey (“On Stage with Next to Normal” at 92Y Tribeca)
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If your favourite musical is something popular like Wicked or RENT, that’s okay.

If your favourite musical is something no one’s heard of like Ordinary Days or The Burnt Part Boys, that’s okay.

If your favourite musical just came out, like First Date or Beautiful, that’s okay.

If your favourite musical is an oldie like Annie Get Your Gun or High Society, that’s okay.

What’s not okay is telling someone they can’t like that musical.

"Do this dance with me”

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