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Jimmy + Redemption & Kyle 

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Favorite People » Megan Hilty

❞ It seems so harsh these days, especially with the anonymity of the Internet. Everything strays so negative so quickly. I look at my Twitter feed sometimes, and there’s just people tearing apart other performers. It seems so counterproductive to what we’re all trying to do. I don’t know. I rarely see people celebrating other people. So that’s disheartening. But it’s everywhere. It’s in everything. It’s so much easier to complain about something than celebrate it. I’ve kind of taken a vow — if I don’t have anything nice to say, I’m not going to tweet about it at all. I can save my opinions. Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, but I don’t understand why we have to saturate social media with all the negative stuff.”
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Smash Character Tropes + Kyle Bishop   

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Smash Character Tropes + Jimmy Collins 

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I wish I lived in fictional new york, it sounds really easy to succeed there


On a scale of Ivy Lynn to Rachel Berry how easy was it for you to succeed in New York City?


Track Title: Secondhand White Baby Grand

Artist: Megan Hilty

Megan Hilty singing ‘Secondhand White Baby Grand” in Cincinnati January 24, 2013

Ivy Lynn

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And although I’ll be out of sight, dear, know I’ll be right here
Right here forever, ever, ever, ever

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If I Had You - Jeremy Jordan, & Andy Mientus @ 54 Below (12/08/13)

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