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i like how when black widow takes a shower or wets her hair or whatever at falcon’s place her hair’s all wavy but she later has ruler straight hair, like does falcon own a straightener just to make his guests comfortable because that’s lovely

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There’s nothing like good old southern hospitality…enjoying the majestic Magnolia Hall


HANNIBAL - I’m Home by SayaelFinally done. Took me a while. Uh… Dogs. Draw all the dogs! Made me go a lil coo-coo but it was worth it and good practice cuz I’m not that good at drawing doggies. (Read more of my Blah-blah on deviantart lolz)
Alternative titles: “Graham Puppy Pile!” “Hannibal is NOT INVITED!" "Graham Pack Cuddle Formation" "Hug-Me-jacket" (But he’s glooming creepy-ly over it.)

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breakfast this morning served in the bath

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i love getting kissed on the forehead so much it’s like they’re saying “hey i’m gonna show you affection but i’m not trying to get anything out of this, i just want you to feel happy” 

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may you pick up your tea when it’s exactly the right temperature, and may you happen to glance out the window when the light is just how you like it.

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untitled by ismay.ozga on Flickr.

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i want banana pancakes with kiwi, strawberry and nutella. NOW!

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things that are therapeutic



leaving your bed. turn on the lights. open the blinds. don’t be fooled into thinking your body wants heavy obstructive “comfort”
cleaning your room. vacuuming. doing laundry. dusting. cleansing the space you live in (your mind is your space. your mind is your environment)
cooking healthy clean foods. paying attention to the ingredients that go in it. saffron brings laughter, pomegranate is lust, tea relaxes, almonds bring energy
soulful gentle music like solange or toro y moi or norah jones
full-body exercises like swimming, jogging, walking, hiking, stretching, yoga, etc.
reading an actual book
talking to a human
looking at flower
reconnecting with things that made you joyful, remind you of raison-d’etre (art gallery or political movement etcetc)
quiet studying in a bright place with a coffee and soft music
forgiving yourself. realizing it takes time.
take post-it notes and make lists of goals: short-term, long-term, personal, relationships, academic, etc
turn your room into art museum
push yourself out of your comfort zone through one small action each day. revel in satisfaction of accomplishment and motion. reward yourself
give some fruits to your friends
ask for help, tell some ppl you have been a bit down, but you are working actively at being better
try to make one person smile each day
none of these feelings are forever, and therein lies the beauty. just because you were depressed for a period of time does not mean you are by nature a depressive. the same way you are not by nature joyful because you were joyful once. detach yourself from the need to maintain a constant “nature”
give others the benefit of the doubt. they probably aren’t intentionally being malicious or dismissive. this aimless external anger weighs down on you, hurts you more than it hurts anyone else
being self-critical does NOT mean being self-deprecating
be light in your heart, heavy in your convictions
B R E A T H E. yesterday you thought it was all nothing. today you are here. and writing this! and doing things! and hopeful for tomorrow! that is everything!

thank you.