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You’ll get there.


You’ll get there.


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I loved that the costume designer of Teen Wolf came through on her promise and we got to see the homage to Dylan’s personal purple hoodie by giving Stiles a purple hoodie in this episode. 

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Ruby Rose- Break Free

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"What I love about opening sentences is the complete lack of rules, how each writer gets to decide how best to guide a reader into their narrative. A writer, after all, is the instructor for the experience of their own work, and the opening sentence––after the book design, title, and epigraph––is among the reader’s first impressions. Opening sentences are not to be written lightly."
Jonathan Russell Clark on “The Art of the Opening Sentence.” (via cravenaddict)
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NEW VIDEO: Ticking In My Own Time

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@birdspotting: Wanderlust juices kicking in… Follow your feet little birds. (Or wings I guess?)

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"Girl, when in doubt
just wear the
reddest lipstick you have.
You are Sun incarnate,
and they’ll know for sure."
My bestfriend’s brain is crazy beautiful. -s.p. (via mystrangesilhouettes)


Life goal: to own and run a bookstore that would look appropriate on Diagon Alley. Beautiful signs, color everywhere, twisty shelves. 

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These are the literal bread winners.
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